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Top 10 Things Parents Can’t Stop Saying

I didn’t realize how often I’d utter the phrase “Use soap!” when I became a parent.

Humor Funny Humorous Family Life Love Laugh Laughter Parenting Mom Moms Dad Dads Parenting Child Kid Kids Children Son Sons Daughter Daughters Brother Brothers Sister Sisters Grandparent Grandma Grandpa Grandparents Grandfather Grandmother Parenting Gina Valley Totally Top 10 Things Parents Can’t Stop SayingI can hardly believe how frequently I need to remind somebody to wash their body, or a part thereof, and that washing implies and necessitates the use of some sort of cleaning agent, aka soap.

You’d think soap is an agent of evil or a carrier of poison ivy what with the way my children avoid it.

But, “Use soap!” isn’t my only near constant refrain.  Like all parents, I seem to be frequently repeating myself in a surprisingly un-broad spectrum of topics.

Top 10 Things Parents Can’t Stop Saying.

#10.  “Don’t eat that.”

#9.  “Don’t lick that.”

#8.  “Take that out of your mouth.”  And, its chaser, which is delivered with a very confused look:  “What is that?”

#7.  “Don’t climb on that.”

#6.  “Do you need to use the loo?”

#5.  “Did you wipe?  Did you flush?”  And the related:  “How come I didn’t hear it?”

 #4.  “Did you put on clean underpants today?”

#3.  “Who plugged up the toilet?”  And, the related chaser: “Is there another Tonka truck down there?”

 #2.  “Where are your shoes?”   This is usually uttered when several dozen miles from home on the way to a formal event (Why is it always a surprise that we need to wear shoes?!?!)  Sometimes this comes up during plugged toilet investigations, too.

#1.  “Brush your teeth.  With toothpaste.  With YOUR toothbrush.”  Why is this the only time kids are willing to share?!?!

With the constant repetition, it’s a wonder that I don’t blurt these out more often during business meetings.

Laugh Out Loud!


What do you find yourself repeating frequently?  Have you ever accidentally reminded a colleague to wash his hands?  Shoot me a comment.  I’m looking forward to hearing all about it.

3 Responses
  • Rhonda Albom
    November 4, 2013

    LOL- I was with you counting down until number 4. Lucky for me 4 and 3 were never a problem. Kids in New Zealand don’t wear shoes, so again no problem and every parent still says number 1. Great list. Thanks for the laughs, even though it’s all true!

    • gina valley
      November 11, 2013

      I am so glad to get to share a giggle with you, Rhonda! I often wish we could move to Hawaii because friends there tell me that their children don’t even have to wear shoes to school. That alone would save us hours!