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This Column Is Not About Having “You-Know-What”

This column is not about having “You-Know-What.”  It’s about not having “You-Know-What.”

And, how that seems to be more and more the case after the jewelry exchange takes place.

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Why is it when you finally reach a point where everyone, even God and your mother, finally thinks it’s OK for you to engage in “fellowship” with your beloved that that whole part of your relationship suddenly seems to become Mission Impossible?


Quiz – Are You A WFHP?

Are you a WFHP? Are you tired of the embarrassment of being unclear about your status? As a long time WFHP myself I know how important it is to have a clear understanding of yourself and what yourHumor Funny Parenting Moms Dads Kids Children Sons Daughters Brothers Sisters Family Life Love Laugh Laughter Work Home Employment Quiz Scantron Distractions Interruptions Office Supplies Paper Jam Printer Pen Legos Crayons File Folders Plastic Safety Scissors Paper Clips Fax Machine Worm Car Trans Am Toy Truck Wite Out Fingerpaint Post It Notes Deadline  work life is.

Don’t you wish you had a definitive way to know your status?

I knew you did, so I put together this short quiz to help you out because I’m always looking out for you.