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by Gina Valley



Through crisp air


Blue beckons

Clouds dancing

Freedom gasps deeply

Breath held

Thoughts of magic



Enchantment revealed

Ground and sky married

Artistry erupts

And shines

And grows

Ever faster swimming upward

Tethers loosed

Unrestrained in beauty


Always onward

-gina valley

What do you love to do?  Shoot me a comment with the details.   I’m looking forward to  hearing all about it.

2 Responses
  • dadblunders
    September 3, 2012


    I enjoy life. I try to use each days as a gift and find something new to experience or look at differently. My son has helped give me a fresh perspective on many things in my life. I think as we get older we tend to forget the small things in life. We tend to appreciate them less and take them for granted. He has shown me snow in new way, the moon in a different light and I even listen to traffic with new intensity.

    When we are little and never had any life experiences we haven’t been jaded by the world. My son has helped me remember those times and those things and for that I am eternally grateful and I see the world differently.


    • gina valley
      September 3, 2012

      Hi Aaron,
      I agree. Children are amazing gifts in so many ways. Their ability to remind us to see the wonder in life again is among the most miraculous.

      They remind us to savor life at a time when we have shifted our focus to surviving it. I am so grateful for that gift from my children, too.

      I’m glad you stopped by!