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Where Did My Cool Go?

I’m not cool.

I realized that today.

I suppose, on some level, I’ve known it for a while, but today it became glaringly clear. Because today, I realized I have become my father.

Don’t get me wrong. There’re a lot of cool things about my father. My dad is a great guy. He’s funny and smart and giving.  I’d love to turn into that part of my dad.


Children Cause Old Age!

Children Cause Old Age!
by Gina Valley

The Professor was feeling kind of down today.

He was having one of those “I feel old and my body’s falling apart” days.

I think we all have those days occasionally. Seems like once you hit a certain age things heal very slowly and act up for no particular reason. Then, you hit the next age and things just stay broken and act up continually.