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War of the Worlds

Two diametrically opposed near-cataclysmic universal forces have collided in my family room.  They are locked in a heated battle for control.  As I hold the assembled Halo Mega Block Humor Funny Parenting Lego building set Mega Blocks perfectionism OCD pride child Moms Dads Kids children Family Life love(think Lego type building sets) UNSC Rocket-hog in one hand and the Anti-Aircraft Gun in my other, I can’t help but notice the unapplied decals and several handfuls of unused bricks still in the box.

The nurturing mother in me, who is proud of the 10 year old for putting about 500 pieces together so well all by himself, is struggling for control with the OCD engineer in me, who can’t help but note 551 pieces and a whole sheet of decals should have been used.

The battle intensifies after I ever so gently offer to help with the application of the decals and some of the AWOL pieces, and the 10 year old answers with,

“Nah, thanks anyway. It’s good enough.”

It’s good enough?

I think I may be having a stroke.

1 Response
  • Daylight savings is the gift of sunlight, they say. I live behind black-out curtains. My wife is a retired movie star and hates the light. It hurts her eyes. What I save is the light of my heart. I get more from those days after Dec 21st and less after . . . I dunno, I don’t get less. Probably, since my heart attack ten days before my fiftieth birthday, I feel like it’s all in a womb of weightless dark of our bed-sitting room.

    Too many books titled “The Bed Sitting Room.”

    Mine is “Pawns” by Steve Shapiro . . . after approval by Barnes and Noble it’s available on their web site. A romp through the darkness of my memories of friends and family in a 1945 San Francisco past of conversations with private school girlfriends. When investment syndicate mogul Sol Davidal was offered by a guy named Greenglass to invest in the A-Bomb, he turned to the FBI and asked, “Doesn’t the government pay for those things?” So, why did he get his arms dealing Gaddfly, young investors to put up that $15,000?

    We’re all pawns trying to win the deep red lipstick, slit skirt, women after our baubles in the game of ‘Chutes and Ladders.’

    My question to the soccer moms: Do flights of intrigue and the history of action behind the scenes of war hold any interest?

    I’m the Comte de Roncherolle and we study war.