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No Running Allowed

No Running Allowed

My parents live in a forest on a hill overlooking a lake. When I visit them I run around their lake each day.  It’s always beautiful and different every single lap.

But, this visit I can’t run around their lake because I woke up with a nasty head & chest cold the first morning we were here.

I have to get some motion in or I am afraid all of the giant meals and sitting around will cause me to balloon up too big to fit into our van to go home.

Hope Remains

Hope Remains

I was thinking about my friends who are in the midst of dealing with so much in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  I can hardly imagine facing that kind of devastation, and trying, in the midst of it, to provide for and to take care of my family and neighbors.

I’m sure that many have found strength they didn’t know they had.


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Divine power


Essence of The Creator

Flowing into us


Miraculous change

Precious and rare

Painful to birth

Beautiful to hold


Problems dissolve

Tragedies endured

Strengthened in battle

Growing through pain