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I Think Hallmark Is Bribing My Kids!

I Think Hallmark Is Bribing My Kids!
by Gina Valley

It seems like such a simple thing.

“Make a card for your teacher.”

That’s it.

I’m supplying every possible material needed.

Sons #3 and #4 have been tasked with sitting down at the craft supply wonderland that is the homework table in our living room to come up with a card to attach to the gifts I purchased for their teachers.

Setting My Inner Sailor Free

Setting My Inner Sailor Free
by Gina Valley

Recently a friend of mine and I were discussing our differences in, shall we say, “vocabulary selection.”  I tend to use little “pepper” in my day-to-day conversation, whereas he, as he quite freely pointed out, tends to have what he referred to as a “potty mouth.” Well, actually, he used a more specific adjective, but you get the idea.

Humor Funny Parenting Frustration Cussing Cursing Moms Dads Kids Family LifeHe noted,

Stupid Driver – You’re Out!!!

Here’s the thing, driver of the shiny, new, silver Range Rover. I’m a patient person.  Well, actually I’m not a patient person, but even if I was it wouldn’t have helped you today. Because, the thing is, people have limits. Humor Funny Parenting Bad Driver Strike Out Stupid Driver Moms Dads Kids Family Life love

Getting cut off and nearly plowed over by you in the junior high school parking lot would have used up all of my patience, had I packed any today.

Fleas of 1000 Camels

I would like to take this opportunity to apologizeHumor Funny Parenting Bad Driver Stupid Driver camel fleas Moms Dads Kids Family Life love to the driver in the lane next to me as we exited the middle school parking lot this morning.

You were likely unaware of the curses and plagues I was internally wishing upon you and your descendants to the fifth generation after you chose to swerve suddenly into the lane I was currently using.