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I Do NOT Want A Picture Of Poop!!!

I Do NOT Want A Picture Of  Poop!!!
by Gina Valley

No, I don’t want a picture of poop.

I don’t care how amazing it is.

The two puppy parents in our home, who just happen to be my two eldest sons (“eldest” sounds so proper and dignified, doesn’t it? Too bad I’m talking about poop now), have worked out a detailed schedule to determine whose turn it is to pick up the puppy poop in our backyard on any given day:

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He’s Not Wearing Any Pants!!!…Gina’s Favorites

He’s Not Wearing Any Pants!!!…Gina’s Favorites
by Gina Valley

With school starting, we’re back in the dancing swing of things. My daughter’s ballet interests means we will be tripping to a ballet fantastic performance soon.

So, I figured my He’s Not Wearing Any Pants!!! post was just what the dance master ordered this week for Throwback Day.

Laugh along with this Gina’s Favorites post.

Where Did My Cool Go?

I’m not cool.

I realized that today.

I suppose, on some level, I’ve known it for a while, but today it became glaringly clear. Because today, I realized I have become my father.

Don’t get me wrong. There’re a lot of cool things about my father. My dad is a great guy. He’s funny and smart and giving.  I’d love to turn into that part of my dad.

Send In The Clowns & Their Car Keys!!!

Send In The Clowns & Their Car Keys!!!
by Gina Valley

As is traditional with any quality 3-ring circus, The School Parking Lot 3 Ring Circus kept its audience waiting for the main event.

This built anticipation, and allowed for the distribution of water bottles and string cheese sticks amongst the audience members (be sure to get all of the giggles from Ring #1 and Ring #2 of The Parking Lot 3 Ring Circus,