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Hide & Seek With Your Garden Tools

Hide & Seek With Your Garden Tools …Gina’s Favorites
by Gina Valley
Laugh along with this Gina’s Favorites post.
Playing Hide & Seek With Your Garden Tools

This is the time of year when many of us are busy sprucing up our gardens.  It is invaluable to have the right tools.   I recently came upon a supposedly helpful list of twenty-seven essential items to assemble prior to beginning to revitalize one’s garden for spring.

Ode To The Invisible Trumpet

Ode To The Invisible Trumpet
by Gina Valley

My 13 year old son, let’s call him by his self-chosen name, “Oh Yeah, I Forgot About That,” plays the trumpet.

Humor Funny Humorous Family Life Love Laugh Laughter Parenting Mom Moms Dad Dads Parenting Child Kid Kids Children Son Sons Daughter Daughters Brother Brothers Sister Sisters Grandparent Grandma Grandpa Grandparents Grandfather Grandmother Parenting Gina Valley Ode To The Invisible TrumpetHe got this self-chosen moniker due to his choice in answers to the post-school queries I’ve learned to ask him while still in the school parking lot each day, so as to avoid making three different trips back to the school for forgotten items:

“Did you bring your math homework?”

“Oh Yeah,