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12 For 12

12 For 12

Today is a very cool day because of the date: 12-12-12.

It’s extra exciting for me because it’s my birthday.  Growing up with 12-12 was always pretty neat, but having 12-12-12 this year is extra fun.

This is the Brownie Cookie Delight my 13 year old daughter made for me. She made it all by herself. Her oldest brother provided advice and the reaching of high things when needed. I wasn't even allowed into the kitchen. I provided sight unseen coaching from a distance when needed. Listening to the two of them work all of the details for this out was a gift in and of itself, because it was hilarious to listen to! And, the finished product is delicious!As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t usually bring up my birthday.  I’m usually quite content to let it slip by while I’m spending time with my family.