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Start With Forgiveness

Start With Forgiveness

by Gina Valley

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Ever wondering

Ever drawing

Ever will be





-gina valley


I have a love-hate relationship with Mondays.

I hate that Monday signals the end of the weekend.  Weekends always feel too short.  I’m rarely ready for them to end.


I love that Monday is the start of a new week.

Monday mornings have magic.  They signal the start a new day and a new week.

For some reason, every Monday seems to hold extra possibilities and opportunities that other days of the week just don’t seem to have.

Of course, truly, any day, any hour, any minute can be a new beginning.  Each is an opportunity to seize life and run with it.

But, somehow, Monday seems to give me a deep breath that propels me forward.  I’m inspired to start new projects and new plans on Mondays with renewed energy.

I think forgiveness is a lot like Mondays.

Forgiveness can feel heavy, like heading back to work on Monday morning.  Whether we’re seeking forgiveness, or striving to grant it to someone else, it can feel like a burden, just like Monday morning.

But, just like a Monday morning, forgiveness releases energy and possibilities that come at no other time.  Whether we ask for forgiveness or grant it to someone else, it gives us that same deep breath and propels us forward.

A lot of life starts on a Monday.

Even more of it starts with forgiveness.



Have you ever sought someone’s forgiveness?  Have you struggled to forgive someone in your life?  What happened when forgiveness was granted?  Shoot me a comment.  I’m looking forward to hearing all about it.

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