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Sharing The Love

Sharing The Love

by Gina Valley

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I stand alone and wait for you


You are there

Thoughts of you sustain my breath

I am because of you

Tears come

You heal my soul

Joy springs

My spirit soars

Behind me trails of your beauty

Before me your light

Within me truth of you grows smiling

Hope flows through me

Always you

-Gina Valley


We all know that to receive love is a great gift.  But, I think that often the greater gift is gained when we give love.

I’m not talking about the mushy, sweet romantic stuff we gush for our one and only, although that kind is very nice.

I’m talking about the strong, glowing, giving kind of love that reaches out to those around us.  The kind that looks for those who need help.  The lonely.  The lost.  The hungry.  The sad.  The weak.  the misunderstood.  The exhausted. The depressed.  And, many more.

I’m talking about the kind of love that sees a need and makes it its business to not only fill it, but to also preserve the dignity of every individual it has the privilege of serving.

It really is a privilege to demonstrate love to those around us.  It’s an honor to love those who need it, especially those who don’t seem to deserve it or even want it.

And, it’s something anyone can do in their own way.  In fact, it’s best if we all demonstrate love for the people around us in our own way.

A listening ear.  A concerned query. A box of food.  A ride to the doctor. A warm smile. A mowed lawn.

There are as many different types of love needed as there are people.

I thankful I’m Loved.

I realized this week that in my harried life I have let my sensitivity to the needs of the people around me drop a bit.  I’ve been so busy rushing that I’ve missed opportunities to even assess the needs of others, much less meet them.

I’m scheduling in some margin to allow for love, to allow real life to seep in, to truly absorb it, so that I can demonstrate it to others.  I must plan time to turn what sometimes feel like interruptions into opportunities to show caring.

Love is an action, and action takes time.

I want to get back to giving that gift.

After all, if I don’t have time to show the love I’ve been shown to the people around me, what’s the point in me being here at all?



How are you showing love this week?  Has someone demonstrated love to you in a special way?  Do you have a need?  Shoot me a comment.  I’m looking forward to hearing all about it.


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