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by Gina Valley

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Photo courtesy of Stock.xchng – Used with permission


Tiny rescuer

Crushes prison of wrongs

Breaks shackles

Releases victims and judges


Miraculous healer

Throws open widows

Plants gardens

Spreads salve


Gleaming sword

Cuts away nettles from our skin

Stings with pain

Brings thorough healing


Gentle brook

Cools anger

Refreshes parched

Cuts through stone


Quiet song

Turns our face to the light

Awakens our spirit

Stirs our love


Powerful wave

Cleanses the soul

Refreshes our eyes

Washes away muck and mire


Strong cord

Binds our hearts

Pulls us together

Sets me free

-gina valley


Are you amazed, as I am, that forgiveness brings healing to both the giver and the receiver?  It’s quite miraculous, isn’t it?

That’s why I believe that nothing speaks Love like forgiveness.


How has forgiveness affected you?  Shoot me a comment.  I look forward to hearing all about your experience.

6 Responses
  • I love your posts. I would like to have a fellowship with you. 🙂

    • gina valley
      January 20, 2013

      Thank you, Steve. I appreciate the compliment.

  • Lovely, I have forgiven someone who worked hard to do me wrong. That person eventually became my biggest advocate. 🙂

    • gina valley
      January 20, 2013

      That’s so great!
      Isn’t it amazing the power that forgiveness has!
      I’m so glad that it worked out so well for you!

  • Andi-Roo (@theworld4realz)
    January 20, 2013

    My sister hasn’t spoken to me since before Christmas. I don’t even know the full extent of what I did that elicited such a punishment. I hope she either forgives me or gets over it soon. Life is too short to stay mad at the people you love!