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Flying Toothpaste

Did you know that if you’re squeezing the toothpaste tube and there is, unbeknownst to you, an air bubble in the toothpaste tube that the air bubble will exit in a most violent fashion, rudely shoving the toothpaste in front of it out of the 

Humor Funny Parenting toothpaste cleaning products mess ceiling observant child Moms Dads Kids children Family Life loveway in an explosive nature, causing the toothpaste to immediately take flight, and to continue in flight until such time as the toothpaste is confronted with an immovable object, such as the bathroom ceiling?

Well, it will.

The toothpaste will then, having been so violently and suddenly
forced from its comfortable tube-ish home, cling to the immovable surface quite stubbornly, just out of reach of a, say, 5’6″ woman standing on the toilet, who is desperately swiping at it with a tissue draped over the end of a curling iron. 

Moreover, when the woman abandons the quest to relocate the toothpaste, the blob will hang down from the ceiling like a tiny stalactite, swinging mockingly back and forth, taunting the woman.

And, as the woman attempts to ignore the taunting blob of paste, one of the woman’s children will enter the bathroom, without invitation as offspring are known to do, to “borrow” something as offspring are also known to do, without even the slightest intention or inclination to return the object as offspring are known not to do. 

This child, who is unable to spot a large, neon-orange snow jacket in a small closet filled with black pants, this child who does not notice the 4 bushels of dirty laundry that inhabit every even semi-horizontal surface in his room, this child that has not realized that his guinea pig was replaced by a fuzzy bedroom slipper 2 1/2 months ago, this child who is less than 4′ high at the top of his head will INSTANTLY notice the tiny swinging blob of white toothpaste on the white ceiling more than 8 feet in the air.  

And, what’s more, he, upon spotting the toothpaste hanging from the ceiling will utter this phrase, or its equivalent, “Eeeww, mom, that’s disgusting.  You gotta clean that up.”

There is nothing grosser to a child than a glob of free-range cleaning product.

This woman will then respond by telling this child that, of course she will clean it up.  But, she can’t take time to haul out the ladder to clean the toothpaste off of the ceiling right then, because she’s too busy trying to remember where she put the food for his slipper … er..uh… guinea pig.

Laugh Out Loud!


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