Here are the answers to the questions I am most frequently asked.

Well, below you’ll find the answers to the questions I’m most frequently asked on this blog, my Facebook pages, and Twitter.

The questions I’m actually asked the most frequently come from my pack and are:

  1. Do we have anything good to eat?  Answer: No, we only have bad things to eat.
  2. Will you smell this?   Answer: I don’t see that happening.
  3. Where is my _______?  (insert any noun from soccer socks to chewed bubble gum)  Answer:  I sold it on Ebay – big call for used, grungy kids’ stuff these days.

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  • Where do I live?

Physically, my pack, The Professor, and I live in Los Angeles, California  (I suppose I should mention that my family and I often reside in the State of Chaos and Confusion, too).  The Professor teaches at a large university near our home.  I spend most of my time herding children and writing down funny stuff.  As daughter#3 put it recently, “Mom, dad does the teaching.  You tell the jokes.”  She was trying to get out of doing some homework at the time, but it still applies.

  • What am I most interested in?

I’m most interested in finding a way to complete an uninterrupted thought sometime in the near future.

I’m also always interested in bringing a smile to your day.   That’s why this website exists.

  • What is my favorite movie?

My favorite movie is any one that I don’t have to leave in the middle of to take someone to the bathroom.  If it makes me laugh, and something blows up, even better.

  • What is my favorite kind of music?

Loud.  And, louder.

  • What is my favorite book?

My favorite books are non-sticky.  I like to be able to put a book down.

And, dang it, give me a happy ending!

  • What are the questions I most frequently ask?
  1. What was that noise?     (usually asked when a strange, loud noise echoes through what I thought was a house filled with sleeping children)
  2. What is that smell?     (usually asked upon entering the house or a child’s room, but often asked when someone other than me is cooking)
  3. Did I pick up all the kids?     (usually asked of myself just as I’m about to fall asleep for the night, generating a jolt of panic)

If I didn’t answer your question, please let me know.  I’ll give it a shot.

Laugh out loud!


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