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ALMOST Learning

ALMOST Learning
by Gina Valley

I’m off this week to attend to issues my children are having.

To keep you in giggles, read and laugh along with this Gina’s Favorites post.

Laughs From The Land Of Almost Learning

Between too much work and too many cranky people, I’ve had a rough week.

Really rough.  Like “descend into my dungeon of self-pity,


Back To School Funnies

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Back to School is upon us.

If your kids haven’t hit the school halls yet, they will be soon.

Before you get buried in shopping for 15 packs of crayons or building a scaled Mt. Vesuvius, it’s time to get your giggle on.


Back To School Funnies

Smiles From Around The World Wide Web

Complied by Gina Valley

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