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Time To TOTALLY Over Do It!!!

Time To TOTALLY Over Do It!!! …Gina’s Favorites
by Gina Valley

Enjoy some sugar-laced laughs in this Gina’s Favorites post I wrote about one of our past Slurpee hunts.

How To TOTALLY Over Do It

There are a million different places you can go for advice on sensible eating.  This is NOT one of them. But, I can give you advice on how to totally overdo it!

How To TOTALLY Over Do It!!!…Gina’s Favorites

How To TOTALLY Over Do It!!!…Gina’s Favorites
by Gina Valley

Slurpee Day is a big deal around here.

Every July 11th (you know, 7-11) all the 7-11 stores in our neck of the woods celebrate their anniversary by giving away free Slurpees.

We never miss it.

Humor Funny Humorous Family Life Love Laugh Laughter Parenting Mom Moms Dad Dads Parenting Child Kid Kids Children Son Sons Daughter Daughters Brother Brothers Sister Sisters Grandparent Grandma Grandpa Grandparents Grandfather Grandmother Parenting Gina Valley How To TOTALLY Over Do It...Gina's Favorites Quest AdventuresIt’s not like we couldn’t go get a Slurpee any day. They’re very inexpensive. But,