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Nothing’s LESS Helpful Than Help

I never realize what a total control freak I am more than when I’ve pitched a fit about my family’s lack of appreciation for my total martyrdom of a life and insisted they help right this very instant.

Comes back to bite me on the rear every time.

Yesterday, I lost it and talked to my family (some people might say “hollered loudly”) about them taking me for granted and losing my shoes (which,


The Great Watermelon Stampede of ’17

Did you know there are 53 watermelons in that giant, super-sturdy cardboard bin at Costco? Did you know if your 5 year old aims carefully and hits the giant super-sturdy cardboard bin full of watermelons with the corner of the pretty-big, apparently-even-sturdier-than-the-cardboard-bin shopping cart, the giant, super-sturdy cardboard bin will magically split open?

Did you know when the bin splits open 48 of the 53 watermelons will make a run for it?


Who ARE These People?!?!

Who ARE These People?!?! …Gina’s Fav’s
by Gina Valley

It’s hard for me to believe it’s already been a year since my dad was killed in an airplane accident. I will never get over losing him, but my family and I are slowly beginning to heal.

Happy, funny memories like the ones that inspired this Gina’s Favorites post about him and my mom help a lot with that process.


Time To TOTALLY Over Do It!!!

Time To TOTALLY Over Do It!!! …Gina’s Favorites
by Gina Valley

Enjoy some sugar-laced laughs in this Gina’s Favorites post I wrote about one of our past Slurpee hunts.

How To TOTALLY Over Do It

There are a million different places you can go for advice on sensible eating.  This is NOT one of them. But, I can give you advice on how to totally overdo it!


Join Gina Valley Wed 3-23-16 for Humor In Parenting

Join Me Wed 3/23 for Humor In Parenting

One of the most important keys to parenting is humor. Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying.

Let’s Chat! I’ll be discussing Humor & Parenting on Wednesday, March 23, at 9pm EST with the great folks at  #30SecondMom Chat. Everyone is invited to join in. I hope you’ll be there.

Humor Funny Humorous Family Life Love Laugh Laughter Parenting Mom Moms Dad Dads Parenting Child Kid Kids Children Son Sons Daughter Daughters Brother Brothers Sister Sisters Grandparent Grandma Grandpa Grandparents Grandfather Grandmother Parenting Gina Valley Join Me Wed 3-23-16 for Humor In ParentingWhether you are in the thick of parenting,