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Like A Banana

Like A Banana
by Gina Valley

Time flies like an arrow;  fruit flies like a banana – Anthony G. Oettinger

That quote isn’t really related to this post.  I just put it in ‘cause it always makes me laugh.

It makes my littles giggle, and my teens roll their eyes, so that’s another bonus.

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Today I’ve been a bit out of it (ok,

Why Planning Ahead Is A Bad Idea

Why Planning Ahead is a Bad Idea

I’m telling you, planning ahead is like asking for trouble.  Begging for it really.

No good will come of it.  Trust me. I’m a planner aheader from way back.

Like an addict, I feel the constant draw back to my OCD, over-planning habits.  It’s not really my fault.  After all, it kind of makes sense for me to plan for every disaster possible,

NOT The Best Laid Plans

I knew Wednesday was going to be a busy day.  We were driving south to spend the day visiting one of my sisters and her family.  So, Tuesday night I decided I better make sure I had all of my gym stuff so I could get out the door early, before we left on our road trip.

The thing is that July 3, Independence Day Eve as it were,

Why You Should Hide The Chocolate Chips When You Need A Measuring Tape

Why You Should Hide The Chocolate Chips When You Need A Measuring Tape

I put a little pile of chocolate chips on a napkin (I’m a chocolate addict, but I’m neat about it) on the kitchen counter and was munching on them while I considered the kitchen’s current state.

I needed a measuring tape to re-measure the kitchen.  We are still in the midst of a never ending renovation and have misplaced (i.e.