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Top 10 Rules While Mom’s Sick

I’ve been sick for a couple weeks now. Don’t worry – it’s nothing serious. Just a mutant cold of some kind. Annoying, but far from seriously harmful. I’ve been confined to my room for about 10 days, though, in an effort to keep this nasty bug from infecting my family and the rest of the world.

As I’ve whiled the days away blowing my nose and trying to sleep,

The Great Watermelon Stampede of ’17

Did you know there are 53 watermelons in that giant, super-sturdy cardboard bin at Costco? Did you know if your 5 year old aims carefully and hits the giant super-sturdy cardboard bin full of watermelons with the corner of the pretty-big, apparently-even-sturdier-than-the-cardboard-bin shopping cart, the giant, super-sturdy cardboard bin will magically split open?

Did you know when the bin splits open 48 of the 53 watermelons will make a run for it?

Top 10 Topics My Sons Are Bickering About

Top 10 Topics My Sons Are Bickering About …Gina’s Favorites
by Gina Valley
Listening to a couple of my kids argue about which side of the field had the greenest grass while we waited for their brother to finish at soccer practice yesterday brought this piece to mind. Laugh along with this Gina’s Favorites post.
Top 10 Topics My Sons Are Bickering About

They say children help you live longer.

Please DON’T Paint The Dog!!!

Please DON’T Paint The Dog!!!
by Gina Valley

I wish my kids were bored.

My friends often lament the frustration of dealing with their children’s boredom during school vacation. I try to be sympathetic, but I really don’t understand it.

My kids aren’t bored.

My oldest daughter isn’t bored, because she’s been busy coloring her hair with purple Kool Aid.  She‘s determined that Kool Aid is an excellent,

They’re NOT GROSS – They’re Activists …Gina’s Favorites

They’re NOT GROSS – They’re Activists …Gina’s Favorites
by Gina Valley

This post came to mind today when I found the package of chocolate chips in the bathroom. Again. Laugh along with this Gina’s Favorites post.

They’re NOT GROSS – They’re Activists

My friend DeAnne and I were discussing our children the other day, and we had an epiphany.

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